This beef jerky is the best, and I have tried them all. No doubt there are some good jerkys out there, You haven't had the best till you have tried off road jerky. Give it a shot I'm sure am glad I did.   
Fred  Jacksonville, Florida.
            Where has this jerky been all my life? The flavor of this sweet and spicy jerky is unbelievable. I never hit the trail without it. weather it is in our jeep or backpacking in the mountains. This stuff is great to have when you are broke down on the trail and have nothing else to eat. This jerky has gotten me through many nights of camping. I just want to say thanks to the guys at off road jerky for making this great product.   
John     Mission Viejo, California
            This message is to anyone who loves Beef Jerky. Trying offroad jerky is a must, These guys have nailed it! What I like to do is rap it in foil and put my jerky on the manifold and warm it up while I am driving down the trail. After about a half hour It makes a very warm tastey  Treat. Bill,  Boulder Colorado
            I Just want to say thank you to Scott at off road jerky.com. My buddy and I were broke down on John Bull Trail, in Big Bear California. Along came Scott and his friends with a helping hand and some free samples of beef jerky. We had my jeep back on the trail and ready to go in no time. O-yea and the beef jerky was great, one of the best I have tasted. So weather you are hungry for some jerky or in need of a helping hand, look for the silver TJ of offroad jerky.com These guys are a class act.
Tony and lisa  Victorville Ca





Our Recipe

The meat comes from domestic angus premium cuts of top round solid muscle choice meat.