If you'd like to make an order you can 1) order directly here on-line 2) email us directly at order@offroadjerky.com  or 3) call us at our new phone number (707)235-6259 .

I know there are those out there that don't like to use paypal to pay for items online.... email or call us and we will give you the information on how to order without paypal and still use your credit card directly.

Thank you for your interest.


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Our Recipe

The meat comes from domestic angus premium cuts of top round solid muscle choice meat. 


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At Off Road Jerky we believe that our Beef Jerky is made from the Highest Quality and Freshest Meat Available. This gives our meat a superior flavor and in conjunction to our special recipes a superb delightful taste.

We have continued running  OffRoad Jerky for one reason, to give the off road community what they want. A great tasting, long lasting, and inexpensive jerky. Top quality is our always our highest priority, some companies pride themselves on the absolute lowest price or having 500 flavors. We pride ourselves  on hard work and earning an honest buck. We not going to say its free to ship or mark up my price then mark it down to make you think your getting a deal. we pull no punches. Like we said we believe in hard work and straight forward pricing. If you are a happy off roader, we are happy off roaders.

At OffRoadJerky.com I would love to hear your feedback. Tell us what your favorite events are, you never know we might just show up thier to say hi. send me your favorite off road pictures, we might just put theme on my website for the world to see. For us this is a great opportunity to connect the West coast with the North South and East. The west has some of the most beautiful trails you can find.  I want to encourage people to visit other parts of the United states to go off roading.  So send me your pictures and maybe some day we all can see what this beautiful country has to offer.